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“The impersonal recounting of economic and health care issues becomes personal as HIS sees the faces and hears the stories of people living that reality. With gratitude for God’s blessing and a call to serve, we are compelled to move forward with compassion and determination. We ask others to join us on this mission.”
Sylvia Daining
President, HIS


A healing mission. A sacred responsibility.

2008 marked Health Intervention Services’ tenth anniversary: a time of celebration and thanks. It also provided a chance to reflect on ten years of commitment, learning and service made possible by generous financial and volunteer giving. HIS is profoundly thankful for our diverse and dedicated foundation of support and have the deepest gratitude for the ongoing volunteers, prayers, and donors that have made the HIS service and mission possible.

As we look toward a new decade, HIS is applying our hard-earned experience, expertise and community good-standing to secure a future that can provide quality health care to the ever-increasing number of Grand Rapids and Kent County uninsured.


HIS is home to an exceptional volunteer community that provides the foundation for our every day operations and success. Volunteers contribute to HIS in a wide variety of ways including the provision of care services and expertise, clinical support and the meeting of daily operational needs and service.


Individual donors often feel a very personal connection to the HIS mission. They understand the value of their own health care and the access that insurance provides. They can readily imagine the challenges that would come from a lack of health care coverage and are eager to help relieve others of that burden. Individuals contribute to HIS in many ways including the gifts of time, monthly financial donations and annual giving.


Faithful foundations have provided essential, consistent support for the HIS ministry and steady commitment to the expansion of HIS services. Foundations may be looking for added worth that HIS can provide through expanded services, new and healthy ventures and increased numbers and growth.


HIS is a relevant, accessible mission in the backyards of West Michigan churches. The mission of HIS often resonates deeply with communities of faith, providing natural opportunities for partnership and mutual growth. HIS can be a source of health care for church members, provide care to refugees they sponsor and be a resource to their deacons. Faith-based giving provides a dimension of support that is not available through other funding.


Businesses partner with HIS in a variety of ways. One natural avenue is through in-kind giving of services and goods. In-kind giving helps to reduce HIS’ costs and provides helpful access to quality assistance and products. Businesses also join HIS as event sponsors. Sponsorship provides a valuable marketing opportunity and highlights the positive links between HIS and the supporting entity. Many business owners are interested in the HIS mission as they know first hand the challenges of supplying employees with needed insurance.


Grant funding is an excellent way to get new, quality experiences off the ground. Grant availability varies from year to year and is contingent on the types of opportunities that are available. Most grant funding exists to foster new initiatives. Very few grants are designed to fund multiple year projects or to sustain current programs.


Fundraising events encourage participation and recreation. HIS fundraisers have included a golf event, a Wheelathon, an Art Feast and a ten-year celebration. These distinctive events have provided important opportunities to advance HIS’ mission and to gather in the spirit of fellowship and community.

Consider joining the HIS Club 365: Healing HIS People monthly giving club. It provides a number of diverse and exciting ways to contribute to the future of the HIS mission.

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