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Nancy's Story

NancyOver the years, I must confess that I've been slow to schedule yearly mammograms and quick to reschedule if inconvenient. This spring of 2016 I was ready to repeat that pattern but my caring husband reminded me, "that there's no convenient time to do it, so just get it done."

Thankfully, this time I listened to him because the screening test showed the beginnings of an aggressive cancer called Triple Negative breast cancer; something left unchecked that could quickly spread within my body, but caught in its earliest stage can have a very good prognosis.

Now as we deal with the good and bad days of chemo, we thank our gracious God for early detection and everyday grace and strength to honor Him even when life is tough.

So...I've shared my story with you as a reminder to please take this month designated as Breast Cancer Awareness, and get your yearly mammogram done! It is one small way we can protect ourselves from this dreadful disease called cancer...with a small ‘c’ because Christ is the big 'C'!!

Thank you for letting me share my story.

Nancy VandenBerg
HIS Volunteer Coordinator

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